5 Benefits of Cleaner Windows

We may think that having clean windows is just a surface issue and one that is not top of the list for our homes or businesses but there are many benefits to behold that will make you want to keep that glass gleaming

It makes for a more attractive structure

Aside from looking nicer (and who wouldn’t want that?), cleaner windows will also project an outward view to others. Whether you are looking to sell your home, to attract new clients to your business when visiting your office or if you are a venue looking to attract custom, a building with cleaner windows will represent a level of quality and upkeep to others.

It keeps windows in better shape for longer

Cleaner windows will result in healthier windows and it will also extend their durability and life wear. By removing acidic rain and dirty water build up, your frames will remain in- tact and will not begin to warp and degrade meaning this simple act of cleaning your windows will save you money long-term.

It keeps Mould away

Arggh the dreaded M word, this pesky fungus will thrive in damp conditions and can cause problems over time, not only on a surface level. It can cause difficulties with people’s breathing and can fuel allergies further and once it’s taken hold of an area, it is difficult to eliminate. But cleaner windows that are regularly serviced will help prevent the mould and stop it infesting the surrounding areas.

Reduce Allergy Triggers

Ventilation will help the air in the room circulate and with good circulation comes a better living environment. But fresh air can be compromised by the dirt and build up around your windows and then when this enters your home, it can flair up dust and other allergies. So cleaner windows will help reduce the grimy debris and result in a better ventilated house.

More Natural Light

It may seem obvious but never underestimate the difference cleaner windows will make to the amount of natural sunlight that will be able to pass through your home. Most houses will have transparent glass to allow the light through however when this becomes streaky and dirty, it will diminish the quality and the amount that we will get. So, keeping windows cleaner will improve the situation, resulting in happier, well-lit homes/offices/businesses.

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