What does a dirty shop sign say about your business?

Has it been years since you had your shop sign cleaned? It’s very likely that your sign is looking very worse-for-wear, but you’ve simply stopped seeing it. You may even have forgotten what the original sign looked like, perhaps it even used to be a different colour but is now altered by the dirt and grime.

If this sounds like your shop, it’s high time you took action. A dirty or dilapidated sign speaks volumes to potential customers walking or driving past – and it’s not broadcasting a positive message.

What a dirty sign says to customers is that you don’t care. If you don’t care about how your business looks to the world and the impression it makes on people walking past, how can customers trust you to care about providing them with good quality products and services?

A shabby shopfront also says that you don’t care about contributing to the appearance of the local area. If local customers are your ideal target audience, this won’t win them round. In fact, it’s likely to do the opposite – to make them actively boycott your business.

It’s time to clean up your act

All of these negative effects stem from one simple thing – your dirty shop sign. It’s so easy to fix too. A professional window cleaner can have your sign looking sparkling in minutes, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make to the appearance of your shop from the street. People will start to notice it again, and for the right reasons.

Cleaning your shop sign can also save you money. Some business jump straight to the idea of replacing parts of their shop frontages if they look tatty, but in most cases all that’s needed is a good scrub. After careful attention from a window cleaner, your sign could look as good as new.

So, is it time you cleaned your act up? Your business could start to make a positive first impression in a matter of days once you pick up the phone or head online to bring in a shop sign cleaner.

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