Different Tools Used for Window Cleaning

Using equipment specially designed for maintaining and cleaning windows is ignored by many individuals. With several tools available for window cleaning, picking the right equipment for you will make a difference. It is important to own and use quality products. There are easily found in many stores. Listed below are few examples of what you can do.

Clean Your Frames

This step is overlooked, but cleaning your frames will help prolong the life of your windows. This is not an expensive, and will keep them in much better condition. All you will need is sponge, rubber gloves and a bucket with your cleaning solution. Microfiber towels will give you the best result. It will effectively clean your windows without leaving any streaks.

However, it must be recognised that if you want a thorough job, hire a professional. Window cleaners are experienced and skilled and will give you advice specifically for your windows.

T Handle and Cleaning Buckets

T Handle or the scrubbing wand is a must have tool for cleaning your windows. This will help scrub your any dirt away. This is an inexpensive tool and is dunked into the solution and then used on to your window.

Whilst selecting a bucket, choose one that will work the best for you. Preferably it should be wide enough to fit your scrubbing wand or mop. There are many different types available whether it be one that you leave on the ground, or even one that will hook on to your belt. If you have high windows, for convenience and safety, it would be it would be a great advantage purchasing one with a hook. It would also help reduce solution from your equipment dripping everywhere.


Often it is not possible to reach all windows, so a ladder or a step ladder is needed. However, it must be acknowledged, that it should only be used by a professional as it can be very dangerous if you are not trained. It is also recommended to purchase safety gear.

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