Are Dirty Office Windows Affecting Staff Morale?

If your staff seem demotivated and productivity is way down, it’s time to look more closely at office morale and make some changes. Believe it or not, one simple step you can take to boost happiness among employees is to get the windows cleaned.

You might not think that clean windows make much of a difference to morale, but they really do. Here are just a handful of reasons why:

Clean Windows Let More Natural Light In

Office workers are either dazzled by artificial lights all day or they don’t get enough light. This can cause headaches, tiredness and a general slump in morale. Give your team an abundance of natural light and the office space seems brighter, airier and a nicer place to work in. This can have an incredible effect on morale levels.

Clean Windows Show You Care

To look at it another way, dirty windows show that you don’t care – about the cleanliness or appearance of the office or how it feels for your staff to work in it. Maintaining and cleaning the premises properly is the sign of a caring employer, one that works hard to keep the team happy.

Clean Windows Make The Office A Nicer Place

With sparkly, crystal clear windows letting lots of light and sunshine in, the office is transformed. It will feel larger, cleaner and brighter, all of which makes it a far pleasanter place to spend the working day.

As well as your staff, remember that clients and customers may also visit your office from time to time. What will they think if they see grimy windows? Office cleanliness says a lot about your business and its attention to detail. If you don’t care enough to ensure your windows are regularly cleaned, how will you take care of their business? It’s crucial to give the right first impression, so call the window cleaner pronto.

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