Importance of Keeping Solar Panels Clean

Not looking after or maintaining your solar panels can cause them not to work as effectively. Just like your windows, solar panels gather dirt, dust and pollution overtime, so they should regularly be cleaned in order to gain the maximum benefits. Solar panels are a big investment so below are tips on how you should look after them. 

Losing Electricity

Having unclean solar panels is the biggest cause for them not working as efficiently. It will not give you the full power, as the dirt will stop the sunlight from getting to the solar panels, so the less sun light that hits the solar panels, the less power it will create. Therefore, solar panes should also be kept out of the shade.

Relying On Rainwater to Clean Your Solar Panels

Just like your house or car windows, rainwater does not properly clean them. However, those who do not have time in cleaning your solar panels, an automated cleaner can be installed. These can be scheduled so you can rely on this device for having your solar panels regularly cleaned.


A monitor service can be used for you to keep up to date to see if your solar panels are working as they should be. The information can easily be accessed, and will tell you if there is a problem.

Buy a Cleaning Kit

A cleaning kit, specially for solar panels will have all the necessary items needed to make cleaning easier. Just follow the instructions and use what is included. A few examples include, biodegradable soap, wiper and brush.

Contact a Professional 

Get in contact with a window cleaner professional who are specifically trained to clean solar panels. For example, using harsh material can damage your solar panels, so a trained person will know how to correctly do the job. It is important to keep health and safety a priority, so hiring a skilled worker, who have all the right gear would be a better option. If not, it is important to use safety ropes and a long wiper.

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