How gutter cleaning could save you hundreds of pounds

It doesn’t cost very much money to get your gutters cleaned, nor is it a complicated or time-consuming job. However, ensuring that it is done regularly could save you hundreds of pounds.

Damage caused by blocked gutters

The gutters and drainpipes on your property are designed to funnel rainwater falling on the roof down into the ground, without getting the walls of your house wet. When it works, it’s a very efficient system. It keeps your home dry and your property in good condition.

When gutters become blocked by leaves, dirt, insects and everything else that comes with the great British weather, it can cause real problems. Heavy downpours can cause blocked gutters to overflow, causing the following issues:

  • Wet walls. Water from backed-up gutters can spill down the exterior walls of your property. Over time, this can damage the structure and start to affect the interiors too. It rots wood, slowly seeps into the foundations and can flood cellars.
  • Damaged gutters can lead to an accumulation of excess water. With no place to go, it can enter your home and cause staining, damp, mould and mildew. This looks terrible, can be bad for your health and weaken the structure of the property.
  • Waterlogging. With water falling off your roof onto the ground, rather than neatly down the drainpipes, the ground around your property can soon become waterlogged.

What all of these problems have in common is cost. They can all be hugely expensive problems to fix, especially if left for a long time without being remedied. Repair bills for repointing, repainting, replacing timbers, pumping out cellars and replacing water-damaged items can run into the hundreds if not the thousands.

Compare these eye-watering costs to the simple and affordable job of getting your gutters cleaned, and it’s a no-brainer. Gutters are there for a reason, so make sure you keep them clean and the water flowing where it’s supposed to go! A professional gutter cleaning company can handle the job for you in a matter of minutes, then you don’t have to worry about it for another few months.

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